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Surface preparation and corrosion protection have been an inevitable part when it comes to all types of steel structures. Preserving the steel in some cases proves to be one of the most important processes, as all customers require high quality appearance when it comes to both architectural and industrial projects. We are partnering with companies that for many years have been producing different in size blasting and painting cameras and cabins which makes us the perfect partner when it comes to tailor made solutions. Based on their experience, we can offer customized solution for any kind of application or blasting need. Sort of our potential are:

  • Manual blasting cabins
  • Automatic blasting systems according customer’s needs
  • Movable blasting cabin
  • Design, installation and customization of room place – Blasting and Painting
  • Design and installation of Paint shop room
  • Design and installation of automatic painting system

All blasted details come out with accordance to ISO 8501-1 while all the painting jobs can be done in compliance with ISO12944.

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