Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminum extrusion covers a wide range of industries like Architectural Building Components solutions, Automotive, Industrial constructions and many more. Aluminum usage has increased significantly in the last decade as it is a strong, durable and light weight metal. The process is based on forcing an aluminum alloy material through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile, by coming out with the required shape.

To ensure material strength, extruded profiles have been hardened by exposing them to high temperature process. All products can be protected by powder coatings or another chemical finish according to mechanical and surface resistance requirements. Aluminum extrusion main industries of focus are:

  • Architectural solutions – Facades
  • Building components – Windows and doors
  • Industrial constructions
  • Automotive
  • Transportation – Marine, Railway etc.

Our ability is to cover extrusion range between 600 and 2500 Tons for all kinds of shapes. The largest press system can extrude profiles with a CCD up to 300 mm and minimum low thickness of 0,8 mm. Additional operations that can be provided are – application of powder coatings or anodizing; CNC process like drilling, milling and precision cutting. Powder coatings surface treatment covers Qualicoat, GSB and AAMA requirements. Production plants operate according to ISO standards.

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