Sheet Metal

Sheet metal processing is the main way to design, resize and manufacture most of the everyday steel objects. Segment essential objective is to offer optimized manufacturing by using a single source solution or individual approach for different product requirements. Based on established connections and know how, we are able to provide superior quality on competitive budget.

Segment covers a vast range of final products like display and shop fittings, shelves and shelving systems, electrical cabins and racks, steel coverage for water heaters, panel radiators, stoves, all kind of steel furniture and mechanisms, wired details and etc. Available steel processes include:

  • Tube and Sheet laser cutting
  • Tube and Sheet bending
  • CNC turning and milling
  • Welding
  • Wire bending and welding
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

Available surface treatment includes blasting, pre-treatment, e-coatings, galvanizing, powder and liquid coatings etc. Additional services as partial or completely assembly and packaging are also available. Production plants and processes cover all ISO standards.

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