The AB of engineering

The A to B of engineering

Our Mission

Absillon is a company with a main mission to support and connect companies in the steel producing/fabricating industry. Throughout our experience we had managed to establish a solid base of customers and contractors with professional expertise in steel fabrication and processing. We aim to provide improved outsourcing management which covers superior quality and time management to meet project deadlines.




ABSILLON team has encountered knowledge in steel manufacturing gain during the many years of working closely to our suppliers. Our metal processing segment is divided on 3 sub-segments: Casting, Aluminum extrusion and Sheet metal processing.

Metal Processing


Metal processing consists all necessary steel manufacturing operations to convert your idea, design and project into a mass production. This covers many shapes on different substrates by using methods such as:

  • Casting
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Sheet metal processing

This makes us the reliable partner which can support many requests and turn them into final product/detail. Even more we can offer a tailor-made design and engineering solution according to your needs.


Blasting &


Surface preparation and corrosion protection have been an inevitable part when it comes to all types of steel structures. Preserving the steel in some cases proves to be one of the most important processes, as all customers require high quality appearance when it comes to both architectural and industrial projects.

Contact us for a
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Contact us
for a
custom solution

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